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In case for you people dont know who is this hottie. He is Hamao Kyousuke. My fantasy crush. LOL

Seriously, after all these times, I always putting effort into making myself look pretty and all. But now after I scrolling down and down, picture after picture of Mao-chan…. I officially give up. LOL.

Cant win Mao-chan in the pretty category, and he’s a freaking boy! I’m so fail… as a girl. Haha.

I think he is waaaayyy underrated and people need to watch him more. Not as a yaoi actor, if you’re not a yaoi fan. But as a talent actor cuz Takumin-kun series are the only yaoi movie he was ever been in. And it’s okay if that is the last yaoi movie he will ever been in. Cuz seriously, without Dai-chan as a co-actor, I am absolute disapprove of Mao-chan being paired with others. Yes, I also meant that he cant be paired with other boys… or girls! LOL

It’s funny how most of the stage play he did are all MEN CAST. He surrounded himself with pretty boys every single day. I wont be surprise if he says his standard of a partner is super high! Haha xD

I am so fangirling over him as much as making myself watching Power Ranger: Super Sentai (Goseiger) since Mao-chan is the black ranger in there. He doesnt get to say much in that movie. But seeing his face is totally worth it. Haha.

I also remember when I was young, I always go ga-ga over Power Ranger when they transform into their suits. But now as an official fan girl of Mao-chan. I always curse inside my head everytime they transform cuz that means it gonna take awhile for them to transform back into normal form, cuz that’s when i can actually get to see Mao-chan’s face again.

Oh gosh, please save me away from myself . Lol.

I came to like Mao-chan as first because he looks like Lee Taemin of SHINee, a maknae of a K-pop most famous boy group. However after I found out about Mao-chan more and more, Taemin and Mao-chan is like a double dose of drug for my everyday life. Haha. Taemin is dorky and naively cute. Mao-chan is humorous and bold at times. These boys has such OP over my heart. xD

Taemin dance very well, sing very well but cant act. LOL. Not that he was in any major movie but as far as I noticed, his charm is being cute. So I always forgive him even if he cant act. xD

Mao-chan act very well, but cant sing. LOL. Despite being in alot of musical stage play, this boy cant sing… at all. xD Which is fine, after all, he is an actor, not a singer. So I also forgive him even if he couldnt sing. Haha.

Enough overdose on handsomeness over these boys. I’m giving up myself today as always do for the last couple weeks. My devotion is still on Mao-chan and Taeminie <3

Ending this with a picture of Lee Taemin <3 Gosh, he’s so handsome LOL

Tenimyu (15-19) *4th generation cast*

So lately I been on Bleach marathon, like seriously…. -sweats- *If you dont know what the heck is Bleach, just evaporate through thin air at this moment please* LOL

Anyhow, I happened to go back and watch Tenimyu (Prince of Tennis Stage Play) again for the 2nd time. I gotta say, 4th generation cast is my most ultimate favorite. I am also a DaiMao shipper since I’m a hardcord fan of Takumi-kun series. I guess all the more reason why I love this 4th cast so much compare to the rest. Their singing and acting abilities as well as their humor and brotherhood. I would love to stuck in that harem any day, LOL.

Daisuke Watanabe and Hamao Kyosuke are OTP. xD Dai-chan is so manly and Mao-chan is crazy cute ~.~

They are made for each other. Even though after the 5th series of Takumin-kun, they both graduated from it but I still hope to see them acting again with each other soon. Cuz their chemistry with each other is . . . REAL! >.

I heard they will appear in a stage play called Perfect Boy Host Club or something like that. But the DVD did not come out yet even though I heard that it was finished in April 12. T____T While that being said, Dai-chan is in the musical play called Cantarella Musical and Mao-chan is in some other musical plays. So basically they having different play and havent been acting together… TT______TT

Did you hear that Dai-chan gonna make a trip to Vietnam for his upcoming DVD? Mao-chan did made a trip to Vietnam before he was even in Takumi-kun series. Damn these bishounen, just have to choose such time to go to my home country when I’m not even there! Gah~ Dai-chan’s trip to Vietnam gonna be in September this year.

Lastly, Mao-chan really need to stop photoshopped his pictures. Photoshop only meant to make the picture look prettier. Not the other way around. Maybe Mao-chan hasnt get his head around that concept yet. xD But it’s okay, his cuteness saves him. Haha. Also, the reason why he gotta use the effect on his iPhone on every picture he took is beyond me. <.></.>

Shougo Sakamoto is super cute and adorable. He was so young when he was playing as Ryoma Echizen. I really hope purity didnt kill his sweet voice. He actually retired from the entertainment world in 2011. I was sad, but it’s good that he decided to focus on studying… Seriously, Shougo, please change your mind in the near future. LOL.

Honestly to say, Tenimyu without Shougo-chan, Dai-chan or Mao-chan is just plain boring and a waste of time. It’s not the same. I cried when I watched their graduation songs in Dream Live 5th. Tenimyu 4th Generation Cast forever

It’s time I should stop fangirling over these boys and get back to my Bleach.

Thank you for your time. Now quit stalking me :)

Tenimyu 4th Generation Cast!

Tenimyu 4th Generation Cast!


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